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Riley Financial Group Inc.

ph: 613-771-1244

fx: 613-969-0444

164 Moira Street East, Belleville, ON K8P 2S6

Our business mission

To offer professional and ethical personalized service.

What we do

Riley Financial Group Inc. has built a strong reputation by paying attention to detail and delivering professional, focused advice. As a team of financial security advisors who understand the need for flexibility with true understanding of the practicalities, we focus on reality, providing effective solutions to real client concerns in an environment that demands quick responses.

We provide a complete assessment of where you are financially. We discuss your goals and objectives and define where you want to be in the future, considering your timeframe and risk profile. We'll develop a customized financial plan that is specifically designed to help you achieve your financial goals and live your desired lifestyle.

Which means

You can focus on the rest of your life, your family, your career and other personal aspirations knowing you have a plan for financial fitness and are on track to achieving your goals.


In financial services since 1974, Riley Financial Group Inc. believes in integrity and honesty. We don't offer a product where there isn't a need. We are serious about our clients and our practice is built on our reputation. All of our business is referral based.

Riley Financial Group Inc. offers London Life's own brand of savings and investments, retirement income, life insurance and mortgages. In addition, Riley Financial Group Inc. can offer a variety of financial products from other financial institutions.

  • Individual life insurance
  • Segregated fund policies, RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Payout annuities, RRIFs and LIFs
  • Individual disability insurance
  • Individual critical illness insurance
  • Individual health and dental insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Group retirement plans
  • Mortgages
  • Business insurance
    • Key person insurance
    • Business continuation
    • Buy/sell agreement insurance

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